Supportive women vs Dumb chicks


It has been my distinct pleasure to have to sort out this mystery even wihtin my own life and personal relationships. During the past few years I have come across many women who feel they are being the supportive, nurturing caregiver and helping their man reach the higher ground….(round of applause ladies) take a bow for holding him down! Clearing my throat…Ahem

HOOOOOOWEVER… is he even YOUR man? I know this seems silly and you are thinking “Of COURSE, who would do that for just some random dude” Weeelllll you would be surprised doll… Lets take it back to the question. Is this YOUR man? Are you two in a committed relationship? Have you DISCUSSED this supposed relationship with HIM and not your girls? and did he agree?

You see many women find themselves in these terrible places of pain merely based on poor communication. Yeah it sure looks like you guys are doing the whole relationship thing I mean why wouldn’t it? You spend time together he’s at your place , you cook, you screw, hell you may even share a joke or two, he may even LIVE with you, but DO NOT be mis-led ladies. I f a man wants you he will let you know that you are his woman and he is your man, no guessing or interpreting the stars or snooping in his phone. It will be all on the table.

It is a beautiful thing when two can come together and be supportive while building a dream, trust, friendship and respect begin to grow between the two. Now when you are just a chick taking care of some broke dud neither one of you are respecting each other and most of all you are not respecting yourself. Why would you want to enable a man to do nothing, be nothing and worst off rely on YOU to be all the nothing he can be.

Ladies, if in fact he is YOUR man and you are together taking the time to build, don’t second guess yourself, handle your business and speak life into that man and the life you are building!

On the other hand, if you are just the chick who gases up his car buys his meals and extras… #KILLYOSELF because you don’t know YOUR value so you will NEVER know his!


Dare I Say